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As a young and naïve teen I would have never thought that going to the US for school and soccer was an option. Cyp really opened my eyes to my possibilities and guided me and my family to help me make the right decision for us. His knowledge, experience and connections helped look at many options of schools during the process. He also always stayed on top of everything and made sure I had all the necessary tools to be successfully noticed by all his connections. I am very thankful he was there to aid me during this time and support me and the decision I made.

Siena Stambolich

I joined the roster of talent back in 2018 which was my junior year and I have been very impressed with the results all along the way. Their professionalism is fantastic and I appreciated the fact that they completed thorough analysis of you as a player, as a student and as a person to make sure that they could help you find the best schools that could match you. I think that this experience was very eye-opening for me and allowed me to learn a lot about both the Canadian and American recruiting processes and how to work them in your favour to get the most opportunities out of it.

2020 Freshman

"The whole process started with Cyprian McFarlane recommending Bonaventure’s soccer program, and I went down to campus to check it out and I fell in love with the environment."

Bianca Kristo

"With Cyprian’s guidance my daughter got a scholarship. We were truly ignorant to the process, and I can’t thank him enough for helping us out."

Zoran Kristo

There were many ways in which McFarlane Athletic Recruiting Services was able to assist my mom and I throughout the soccer recruiting process in 2019. They reached out to all the D1 soccer schools in the U.S., as well as some Canadian schools, since that is what I wanted. They also called the coaches personally to try and determine whether they were serious and if they had scholarship funds. Additionally, McFarlane Recruiting sent email blasts out to all the coaches who were attending showcases and tournaments that I would be playing in. Something that also helped me very much was the help they gave with calculating and converting my GPA for U.S. schools. McFarlane Athletic Recruiting provided support to translate my marks from the Ontario system to the American system. Brenna and Cyprian were able to help me in those aspects, as well as inform me of which classes I may need to take, or do better in, to reach my goals. Finally, McFarlane was also able to get me into a well - known Soccer Showcase as an individual player, which helped to garner even more exposure. In conclusion, I felt as though McFarlane Recruiting helped to support my Mom and I, in important ways that contributed to our successful journey through the recruiting process.


A big thank you to both Cyprian and Brenna for always making themselves available to answer questions and make suggestions. Your assistance was most helpful and greatly appreciated . Thank you!

Parent of a 2021 GK

I was very pleased to know that they have a very extensive listing of contacts in North America, many of them being elite both athletically and academically. I couldn’t believe how much attention I received in just a few months of being with McFarlane Athletic Recruiting Services from coaches across Canada and the United States as well. I think that one of the most valuable things that I take from this experience is gaining an insight into how college sports work in Canada and in the US.

2020 Defender

I just wanted to share our experience with the public. I have been very pleased with your services and guidance of my son. You provided education and guidance in navigating how to prepare for recruitment and understanding the systems here in Canada and in the United States, which would be tricky for someone to figure out without help. You cared about not only developing my son as an athlete, but in supporting his academics and matching him with the best life plan for him.


McFarlane Athletic Recruiting was instrumental in helping me make this decision [accept a scholarship offer to the US], providing me with so many resources that I was able to use throughout my process. They really made things easy for me in the following areas. Firstly, they ensured that I had all the information I needed going into the recruiting process. This helped me be able to better communicate with coaches and schools. Secondly, they set expectations and goals for me and showed me how I would be able to achieve them. Third, their amount of contacts that they had in the NCAA and NAIA gave me the upper hand in the recruiting process.

2021 GK

What can I say except thank you McFarlane Athletic Recruiting! Months ago I felt like my friends and teammates were being recruited and I was being left behind. Once I started working with Cyprian and the team I understood the in's and out's of the college recruiting process and had a strategy and recruiting plan in place. Thank you again for helping me play my sport in post-secondary!

2019 Athlete

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