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What does McFarlane Athletic Do?

We Often Get Asked:

What do you do? How do you do it? What can we expect if we sign with you?

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Recruiting Checklist

Are you wondering where you are in the recruiting process?  Our Recruiting Checklist outlines the 16 steps of the Athletic Recruiting Process.


Parent's Guide to Athletic Recruiting

Written by Cyprian McFarlane, President and CEO of McFarlane Athletic Recruiting and former University Coach.  Learn some insider information on when to start the recruiting process, what you need to be recruited, the behind the scenes of ID Camps and much more!


College Bound Student Athlete Guide

Written and released by NCAA, this 38 page guide covers everything you need as a student-athlete, from how to be eligible for College and University sports in the US to international dates recruiting calendars. 


Our Services Can Help

If You've Felt Any of the Following


Are you unsure of where to start or what your recruiting strategy should be?


Are you realizing there are too many schools and coaches and your time is limited?


Have you been reaching out to coaches and not receiving any responses?


Are you unsure of how to target schools and how to determine if they're a good option for you?


Do you feel like you missed your recruiting window? Or that you're not academically eligible?


Are other athletes and friends getting offers and/or committing and you are not?

Our Story

As a 3 sport high-school student athlete who played soccer, football and ran track, Cyprian, the President of McFarlane Athletic Recruiting, didn’t have the guidance or support to help him achieve his potential. He also didn’t have the financial means to afford University tuition. 

This is why McFarlane Athletic Recruiting exists today.

Eliminate 'what ifs'

At McFarlane Athletic Recruiting, we strive to assist athletes with providing the guidance they need to navigate the athletic recruiting process and to remove the “what ifs” from life; enabling them to know that they put their best foot forward when it comes to trying to get an athletic scholarship or an aid package.

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Reach your potential

Furthermore, Cyprian wanted to be able to share his expertise, knowledge and connections to help reach more athletes and families and also to ensure that kids don’t waste their talent. We make sure that they pay keen attention to their academics by selecting the right courses and getting the best grades possible and also helping them understand how good they need to be in order to compete at the next level.

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Our Process

Discovery Zoom Meeting

Zoom Meeting to learn more about the athlete, describe our services, and determine if our services can help the athlete/family.

Send Contract

After Discovery Zoom Meeting, the Contract is sent for family to review.  

Sign Contract

If there is a mutual decision to proceed with services, client signs electronic contract and the works begins!

Core Services


Evaluation, Guidance & Consultation

Ensuring our clients are taking the right courses and right combination of courses to achieve NCAA eligibility


Evaluation, Guidance & Consultation

Ensuring our clients have the talent to play at the level they aspire and give them pointers on how they can improve their game along with referring them to professionals in various fields to assist in identifying gaps


Guidance & Coaching

Assisting our clients through guidance and coaching for communicating with coaches (by email, phone etc)


Getting Athlete's Name Out

Ensuring our client's name and video is getting in front of coaches throughout the year and before live events (i.e. showcases, US tours/scrimmages etc)


Guidance for Live Events

Providing guidance and advice with regards to ID camps, combines, tournaments, showcases

Athletic Testing

Sport Specific Data

We work with partners who test and provide comparative functional data for our clients, which can be provided to coaches and scouts

Mental Training

Assessment & Awareness

We work with partners who help to asses the mental toughness of our clients and identify any gaps

Highlight Videos

Individual Footage

We work with partners who produce high quality highlight videos for our clients

Video Footage

Recording of Games

We have the capability to videotape games to provide our clients with the footage they require for highlight videos as well as for consultation, education and evaluation

Standardized Tests

Guidance & Tutoring

Providing guidance to ensure that our clients are on track to take the SAT and/or ACT when the time is right and also to arrange for tutoring

*Some items have additional fees


2022 Athletes

Hannah Anderson

Women's Soccer

University of Toronto

Morgan Fenton

Women's Soccer

University of Nebraska Omaha

Erika Thomas

Women's Swimming

University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee

They managed Covid-19 and the pandemic very well making sure that I didn’t miss out on any experience going into my recruiting process.  Cyprian and Brenna understand the best methods to help you achieve your scholarship goals. They helped me make my dream a reality as I know they will with you.

2021 GK

McFarlane Athletic Recruiting really helped us get organized and focused when our daughter was exploring opportunities to play NCAA women’s soccer. Cyprian provided great guidance that helped ensure we had the right level of exposure to universities that aligned both academically and on the field. A really positive experience all round!

Bill Sutherland

We want to thank Cyp and the team for their guidance in navigating the NCAA landscape. We had no experience and really no contacts when we started the process. McFarlane Athletic Recruiting was able to help us narrow down the options based on what kind of school we wanted, what conference would be best, what positions schools were scouting for and how to make contact. My daughter is now playing for a NCAA Division 1 School as a Freshman in Boston. Thanks to McFarlane Athletic Recruiting for demystifying things for us.

Mother of a 2020 Freshman

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