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45 Minute Discovery Meeting
(parent/guardian + athlete) 

Within this ZOOM meeting we will:
-Learn more about the athlete and their sport
-Learn more about the recruiting roadblocks and questions you have
-Provide next steps towards athletic recruiting and scholarhips

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For Individual Athlete

To be recruited, an athlete must be academically eligible. This evaluation is the first step in that eligibility process.

During the Academic and Athletic Evaluation, we will require:
-High school Academics: report cards, transcript or My BluePrint PDF (must show course codes and grades)
-Highlight video link

A ZOOM meeting will then be scheduled to discuss the findings and report on next steps.


This ZOOM meeting:
-Is for parents of Grade 7 and Grade 8 student-athletes
-Covers the high school courses that should be selected during selection time (grade 8)
-Covers the athletic requirements to begin now to put the student-athlete on the radar of college and university coaches


Soccer Athletes Only

For our Highlight Video Evaluation and Feedback, we will:

-View the student-athletes highlight video
-Provide feedback on various topics, such as the length of video, quality of clips chosen, duration of play, clips that should be added or removed and other factors and insight.

A ZOOM Meeting will then be scheduled to go over the findings with the athlete and parents(s)/guardian(s).


Soccer Athletes Only

For our Game Analysis Evaluation & Feedback, we will:
-View full game footage
-Provide feedback and coaching points to take the athletes game to the next level
-Feedback will be provided during a ZOOM meeting where the athlete and lead recruiter view the game together with pauses and stoppages to discuss play.


For Youth Soccer Coaches

As a youth soccer coach, there are many different aspects that you must focus on; technical, tactical, physical and mental.

As your athletes reach high-school age, you will have to add in showcasing and scholarship guidance.   That's where we come in!

Schedule a 90 minute ZOOM meeting with our Recruiting Expert, with 20+ years of soccer showcase and planning knowledge and receive the much needed guidance to help your teach get exposure. 


For Youth Soccer Teams

Athletic Scholarships & Showcasing Seminar

Is your soccer team reaching showcasing age (high-school student athletes)?

Let us host an Athletic Scholarships and Showcasing Seminar for your team to help set each player up for success in the recruiting process.  We also will answer questions and debunk common recruiting myths.

This ZOOM seminar covers recruiting and athletic scholarship information for both US and Canadian schools as well as academic eligibility criteria.


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