Cyprian McFarlane

President, Lead Recruiter

A former University and Youth Coach, Cyprian has guided many families on their recruiting journeys.  He's also coached some high level athletes such as National Team players, Ashley Lawrence, Kadeisha Buchanan and Quinn.  Cyprian knows what it takes to succeed as an athlete.

Brenna McFarlane

Lead Adminstrator

A former Youth coach and member of the first OSA Female Mentorship program, as well as a teacher and assistive technology instructor, Brenna handles much of the day to day tasks, is the direct contact for our clients and families with any questions that they have and connects with our many College contacts.

Creation of McFarlane Athletic

As a 3 sport high-school student athlete who played soccer, football and ran track, Cyprian, the President of McFarlane Athletic Recruiting, didn’t have the guidance or support to help him achieve his potential. He also didn’t have the financial means to afford University tuition.  This is why McFarlane Athletic Recruiting exists today.

At McFarlane Athletic Recruiting, we strive to assist athletes with providing the guidance they need to navigate the athletic recruiting process and to remove the “what ifs” from life; enabling them to know that they are putting their best foot forward when it comes to trying to get an athletic scholarship or an aid package.

Furthermore, Cyprian wanted to be able to share his expertise, knowledge and connections to help reach more athletes and families and also to ensure that kids don’t waste their talent. We make sure that they pay keen attention to their academics by selecting the right courses and getting the best grades possible and also helping them understand how good they need to be in order to compete at the next level.


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